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Life Cycle Assessment

In 1999 the first mass balance for leather, as a material, was published by the United Nations Industry Development Organisation (UNIDO). Ever since then the prevention and elimination of waste from leather supply chains has been a priority. When ISO 14044 and ISO 14040 were published in 2006 the practice of the focus on the process kicked into a higher gear.

Authenticae has been working and teaching about mass balance and helping students and companies work with Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) since those early UNIDO assessments. As new materials have joined the sector, assistance with companies working on new materials has been added to the Authenticae toolbox.

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Authenticae is currently engaged in attributional LCAs for many different parts of the value chain, including as far back as the farming sector. The company is also involved in helping value chains do aggregated LCAs for products in the entire value chain and are working with multi-stakeholders to write LCA guidelines for their products.

Authenticae has expertise in carbon off-setting, in-setting, and in evidence based claims on environmental footprint. The company has been a critical reviewer for other companies LCAs to an ISO 14040/44, ILCD, and other data or methodology standards.

Authenticae has the knowledge and experience to work with companies who are just seeking to start collecting data for LCAs, or are looking for complex LCAs (consequential or comparative modelling).

If you are a company looking to become carbon neutral or net zero or are just looking to reduce your environmental footprint then get in touch. 

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