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Tannery Guidance

Accessing the knowledge

There are times when it is good to know that there is someone who can help who is just at the end of the telephone or an email. We actively consult to tanneries, brands, retailers and leather users who need to understand advanced problems or systematic adjustments that need to be made to recipes, production, supply chain, or in the leather industry at large.


When you need a leather specialist, Authenticae can help. We can provide you with the knowledge and guidance needed when you have questions or problems occur. Among other things, we can offer a bespoke consultancy service on:


  •  Tannery optimisation and machinery

  •  Chemical compliance and chemical traceability

  •  Advice and guidance on leather restricted substances 

  •  Colour issues such as colour fastness and managing colour

A bit more of what else we can do:
  • Colour matching (dyehouse and finishing)

  • Aqueous finishing

  • Deliming

  • Chrome-free tanning (including vegetable tanning)

  • Systematic problem solving (including quality)

  • Ostrich tanning

  • Machinery

  • Clean technology

  • Content management systems

  • Waste management

  • Sustainability

  • Energy from waste

  • Project management

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