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Responsible Leather Specialists

At Authenticae we are passionate about the sustainability of both leather and biomaterials. Our main laboratory services can help you to test how biodegradable your leather and alternative materials are, how well they compost, and the impact on the ecosystem. The data we provide can help you to improve your competitive edge, and sustainability confidence.

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Quick Screen Testing

Are you looking for a low-cost screening process to tell you which samples are likely to be compostable?

This test allows you to identify which of your materials are good candidates for compostability certification. A rapid 20-day test allows you to get a result within a month to then choose which materials are best suited for focussing on (marketing and further testing).

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Disintegration Tests

ISO20200 is a lab-scale industrial composting simulation that determines the degree of disintegration in a composting environment and shows how well your leather or biomaterial breaks down when it is composted. By incubating the material in a synthetic compost mixture we observe your samples for a minimum of three months and provide you with robust data on how well your leather or biomaterial breaks down when it is composted.

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Toxicity Tests

The EcoToxicity test looks at how safe your leather or biomaterial is to the ecosystem, when it biodegrades and whether there are any chemicals of concern present. The test measures 200+ components quantitatively including (but not limited to): Metals, Volatile Organics, Phenols, Chlorinated Hydrocarbons, Petroleum Hydrocarbons, Nitrogen and other pesticides.

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Material Impact Testing

Our Plant Response testing evaluates how plants grow and respond to being grown in compost with your biodegraded leather or biomaterial. We can help you understand whether the material enriches the soil or not.

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Biodegradability Tests

ISO20136 is a leather specific method which looks to determine biodegradability by using micro organisms. With this technique your leather or alternative material is put in a"soup"with bacteria. We then measure exactly how much CO2 is produced using infrared equipment that is accurate to 1ppm. The more CO2 produced, the more biodegradable your material is.

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