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Specialist Advice.
Responsible Leather Specialists

There are times where we all need a helping hand. This is where we love working on projects with our clients.

Get in touch with us if you need help from a technical leather expert, or because you simply want some man-power, or a focused approach, to get a project moving again.

Our projects are varied, and we’ll only take it on if we know that we can help you.

Stakeholder Engagement. We work with some clients to engage with and start dialogue with their stakeholders and clients. With the increasing focus on the sustainability performance and traceability of leather, the ability to be able to talk constructively with brands is helping responsible leather manufacturers to gain a bit more of a competitive edge.

Technical Advice. We have some amazingly in-depth technical knowledge and skills in our team, backed up by a huge library of leather-specific literature. Our Technical Director likes nothing more than climbing into the advanced chemistry of a tanning process, or helping customers to get a better understanding of what might be happening in their processes.

Environmental Audit Preparation. We talk to many smaller, family-owned tanneries and micro-tanneries who understand clearly how important it is to be a responsible, sustainable leather manufacturer, yet have a legacy of previous generations to manage. We have developed a system to help these tanneries overcome many of the hurdles, and to make the changes necessary to achieve or improve on their audits. We are developing (and constantly refining) remote project tracking systems to allow us to keep offering this service with no/minimal travel implications. Authenticae can help tanneries prepare for:


  • ISO14001

  • LWG

  • CSCB

  • ICEC

  • LIA (Textile Exchange)

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