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500 Terry Francois Street
San Francisco, CA 94158

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March 14th, 1984

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What do you need for this test?

So you want to know what is happening, you want a rough guesstimate as to how your leather or biomaterial will react to being composted. This is the cheapest and quickest option for you bla bla bla.

We need (SO MANY) samples from you (WEIGHING IN AT) this much. Please enclose the leathers safely so tha tbla bla 

What happens with your samples?

Quick Start

Placed in reactors with compost @58°C

Mixed & watered


Quick end

20-day analysis

Report – Quick Test

The tests do not have the initial screening that a certified disintegration test has, saving time and money.

Your material is placed (in duplicate) in a controlled composting environment so that we can collect reliable data throughout this period.

The environment relies on being mixed and watered, our lab team carefully attend to each incubator.

The process of tending to the compost and material needs means the technical staff here get to observe changes and behaviours of your sample over the 20-days.

The tests do not have the end additional testing that a certified disintegration test has, again, saving time and money.

After 20 days, we will check to see if the sample is on track for being a good candidate for certified testing, or whether other materials may be your priority. We assess this by looking at the degree of disintegration, the colour, look, smell, finish quality, size/shape, and softness – and compare to previous samples.

The results if the Quick Test are collated and presented in an easy-to-read report that outlines whether it’s a good candidate, or whether it’s not a good candidate. If it somewhere in the middle the technical team will give a professional judgement as to what the chance it will be disintegrated by the 90-days in a certified test.

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